• Weft

    Weft Extensions are a widely recognized install with similar terms of "hand tied" and "beaded row." This application is flexible, durable and allows for dramatic change to length and density with faster appts, and maintenance at every 6-8 weeks.

  • Fusion

    Fusion Extensions allow for dramatic length and density change while allowing your artist to perfectly place each extension with care and purpose. They have a tendancy to have a more natural appearance in hair for this reason.

  • Fusion

    Fusion extensions are small, light and virtually undetectable making them great for natural looks and versatile styling. Fusion extensions also allow for easier maintenance as they need done every 3-5 months.

Color with Extensions

A huge opportunity to your hair is accomplishing your color goals with extensions. Sometimes color ideas can be quite invasive to health of your hair and start to get quite expensive to maintain something that is just for fun and on trend for that time. Extensions allow us to keep our hair healthy and our natural hairs color easy to maintain -- while also giving you the best color outcome for your "fun" color.

From L-R: Fusion, Fusion, Weft, Weft