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Sustainable. Creative. Personal.

In our salon we care about 3 things. We care about the impact we are making on Earth, our creative knowledge growing and building genuine relationships with our clients in our chair.

As an exclusive concept studio for Davines, we only hold their color and product line. We are a sustainability driven business so every product with in our space has been chosen not only off its efficacy but its values on regeneration and recycling. As of 2024 we are listed on the Green Circle Salons directory as a sustainable salon that recycles all their salon waste! From aluminum to plastic to hair we recycle it all!

  • Tanning

    Artifical tanning has become the best way to achieve a beautiful glow without risk of excessive sun exposure or tanning bed use! We have two aloe based tanning options meant to be used together. Our mousse is the home version of our salon tanning service. The drops are to be used with facial moisturizer and to help balance fading. Both made with natural ingredients and sustainability in mind.

  • Hair + Skin Health

    General health is commonly overlooked when trying to achieve glowing skin and strong + fast growing hair; but should really be at the top of the list! Inflammation in the body creates puffy faces, acne and slows cell turnover. Which in turn makes aged skin and slow growing + brittle hair. Adding supplements to our diet can elevate our health and allow our bodies to work like they were meant to!

  • Hair Styling

    Hair styling products are what make our hair life function so much easier! We have a variety of products for all types of densities and textures of hair. All made from our exclusive company, Davines.

  • Hair Care

    Finding a quality shampoo and conditioner that doesn't seem to make our hair flat and greasy but still makes it feel healthy can be quite a task. We have an array of options that are meant to adapt to all densities and textures while helping rememdy an issue.

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